I love helping people design and launch software products.

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I'm a highly focused and driven product leader and designer with 20 years experience creating innovative software products for companies ranging from startups to established enterprises. A subject matter expert in product, UX, and UI design, I excel in the creation of solutions that meet customer, business, and market needs.

Throughout my career I’ve designed, developed, and launched a wide variety of software products and features. I started out in the late ‘90s as a web designer and full stack developer. These days I primarily do a mix of product management and product design work for web and mobile applications.

My process for designing products typically looks something like this:

  • Define product roadmaps and feature sets that balance business, market, and technical constraints through collaboration with key stakeholders

  • Develop an understanding of each user's motivations and goals through appropriate user research techniques

  • Translate research into technical requirements (e.g. Agile epics and user stories)

  • Create mockups, interactive prototypes, and final visual designs using various design tools

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of design artifacts with users and stakeholders through usability testing and design critiques

  • Collaborate with development teams to integrate the desired user experience into the final product by developing frontend code, creating visual assets, and participating in QA and acceptance testing

  • Coordinate product release plans with technical, marketing, and business stakeholders

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