Emma Guestbook iPad App

Product Management, User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, QA

Time Period
Jun 2009 - Dec 2013 


I was super excited when I was asked to lead mobile for Emma. The rest of the product leadership team and I decided to create an iPad app businesses could use to sign people up for their email lists. This was an interesting project for me because Emma didn’t have any iOS developers or designers available to work on the project. There was also core internal API functionality that needed to be coordinated and developed for the app to work.

To kick off the project, I interviewed a number of local businesses to understand their use cases for something like this. Generally, people either wanted to have the app running on an iPad sitting on their counter or carry it around at events and have people signup when the time was right.

With that in hand, I started sketching out the different capabilities people said they needed. I was heavily into interactive prototyping at the time this project occurred and decided to prototype this natively with code. I felt that to truly understand if the design for the app worked, I had to test it on an actual iPad. After building the prototype, I carried an iPad around the office and ran through several informal usability test sessions. This led to a number of design tweaks.

I recruited and selected both a contract iOS developer and a contract mobile designer. I shared the prototype with each of them so they could get a feel for all the functionality and screens. This proved to be a great way to provide information for the quotes they provided. I worked with the Emma finance team to secure and manage budget for the project.

Once development was complete, I tested the app across a number of current and previous generation iPads. After a few minor bug fixes, the app was ready to launch. I coordinated with the Emma marketing team to prepare content for the app store listing along with producing a short marketing video.

When the app launched and Emma customers started using it, the feedback was very positive.