Watershed Prototypes

Technology Research, Voice UI Design, Game Design, Interaction Design, Development

Time Period
Dec 2013 - Apr 2019


A big part of my role at Watershed was around thought leadership. Especially in the area of applying emerging technologies to learning and training. Two of the technologies I explored were voice and virtual reality.

The idea behind the voice prototype was to record mentoring chats that were called tweekers. They happened every two weeks. What I prototyped was a way to, at the conclusion of a tweeker, have an Amazon Echo record who had the tweeker and what was found meaningful during the chat. The prototype sent that information to Watershed to be stored and reported on. Read more about this prototype.

The idea behind the virtual reality prototype was a learning and training use case rooted in the safety space. It asks users to demonstrate their abilities to identify safety hazards in an industrial environment. They aren’t told in advance the number of safety hazards they must identify, and they can also leave the simulation at any time. The prototype sent data about whether a user clicked every safety hazard in the the VR environment. Read more about this prototype.