Why Watershed Video

Concept, Script, Storyboard, Artwork, Illustration, Animation, Editing

Time Period
Dec 2013 - Apr 2019


Sometimes you get to use skills you haven’t used in what seems like ages. That was the case with the Why Watershed video. During a lull in new product development work, there was a need to produce a short video to show people what the core value of Watershed was. Instead of outsourcing this work, it was decided to produce it internally.

I came up with a few different concepts for this video. The one that was approved was that Watershed helps brings islands of data together. With this in mind, I sketched out ideas for the visuals. Those sketches evolved into a storyboard which I turned into an animatic to get a feel for the pacing and length of the video.

Once a few tweaks were determined, I created all the artwork that was used in the video. This was a mixture of art created in Illustrator and also directly in After Effects. The animations in the video are a mix of static image elements, special effects, and characters.

The video was a big hit with the sales team at Watershed. They primarily used it during events and had it looping in their trade show booth on a TV.

Below are a few of the raw behind the scenes elements used to produce the video. I think it’s helpful to show just how many little things go into producing even a short video.